WinDVD Creator Gold 2 is the new generation of DVD creation. A truly integrated product, WinDVD Creator Gold 2 is the easiest and fastest DVD-making program there is, letting you make high-quality DVDs in a fraction of the time the others do.

Features and Benefits :

  • Integrated Interface: Capture, Edit, Author and Burn, all from the same easy-to-use interface.
  • Amazing Quality: cleaner, crisper, sharper video and audio for superior quality DVDs.
  • Advanced Scene Editing: Record TV Show and easily cut out the commercials, or delete sections of your home movie based on the time-line.
  • Photo Slideshow: Present a collection of still photos in a slideshow.
  • Enhanced Menu Settings: Resize the buttons, play music in the background or have video clips running behind your DVD menu.
  • Editing includes Redo and Undo features
  • Direct Recording: record video directly from your camera to a disc without the wait.
  • UniPass: UniPass technology combines editing and authoring into one quick step.
  • Support For All Formats: record in DVD+/-R/RW, DVD+/-VR, and DVD-Video.
WinDVD Creator 2 is loaded with useful features to help you make the perfect DVD:

Advanced Technology

  • UniPass: InterVideo's proprietary technology integrates video editing and DVD creation into a single step, faster than any other solution.
  • Superior Video Quality: WinDVD Creator 2 utilizes InterVideo's own advanced codec with a proven quality record.
  • Adaptive Smart Rendering: Don't waste time by re-rendering content that hasn't changed. WinDVD Creator 2 will smart render video if there's been only a change in the audio.
Complete Compatibility

  • Hassle-Free Video Sharing: WinDVD Creator 2 supports all DVD recording formats DVD+/-VR & DVD-Video and CD formats.
  • Automatic Format Matching: WinDVD Creator 2 automatically figures out which media type you should use and which recording format matches it.