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Video Specifications

       Video Format: DV AVI
       Capture Resolution: 720 x 480 - NTSC, 720 x 576 - PAL
       Frame Rate: 30 fps - NTSC, 25 fps - PAL
       Video Conversion: MPEG, RealVideo, ASF & QuickTime
       Playback Resolution: Up to Full Screen

Audio Specifications

       Audio Format: PCM (WAV)
       Sampling Frequency: Up to 48 KHz
       Mode: Mono, Stereo

IEEE 1394 Interface

       Number of ports: 3
       Compliance: 1394.a
       Data throughput: 400Mbps max.

Digital Camcorder Supported

        Compatible with all latest DV camcorder with 1394.a compliance

System Requirements

       CPU: MPEG-1 real-time encoding: PII 450MHz MPEG-2, real-time encoding: PIII 650MHz, DV-to-MPEG-1 transcoding: PIII                  700MHz, DV-to-MPEG-2 transcoding: PIV 1.4GHz, DV-to-AVI: PII 450MHz
       OS: Windows 98SE, Windows ME or Win2000
       Driver: OHCI
       RAM: 64MB
       Disk Space: 80 MB - Capture / Edit software, 200 MB per min. raw DV footage
       Graphics: AGP Video Card or PCI Card with 4 MB Video Memory
       Sound: Sound Card


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