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Snazzi* DV.AVIO Real-Time Encode / Transmit Formats

  • A highly versatile commercial grade Real-Time Encoder and Decoder product.
  • Commercial Grade Video Codec.
  • Enhanced features for Real-Time DV and ISO Mpeg-4 capturing.
  • Capture DV Type-1 and Type-2 from Analog source via AV-Input for DV Editing.
  • Capture DV Type-1 and Type-2 from DV camcorder for professional NLE Video Editing.
  • DV files are compatible with Adobe Premiere Pro, Ulead Media Studio Pro, Microsoft Movie Maker II, Snazzi* DV Studio and other popular DV editing software.
  • Real-Time ISO Mpeg-4 capturing and video out.
  • Playback DV-Avi files via AV-Out to TV, LCD Projector and Plasma Display or record to VCR.
  • Capture commercial quality VCD and DVD, Mpeg-1, Mpeg-2, Mpeg-4, DV-Avi, WMV, WME9 video.
  • Use Mpeg-2 Video encoder optimization and capture more high quality DVD video (*).
  • Capture your video to WMV and WME9 format, having unbelievable small file size for web streaming or email it over the internet.
  • User can playback DV, Mpeg-1, Mpeg-2, Mpeg-4, VCD, DVD and WME9 clips to TV or record to VCR or digital camcorder using AV-Out (**).
  • Snazzi* will continue to provide feature upgrade. Look out on our Support Site at

    * For enhanced Mpeg-2 quality, P4 with 256mb RDRAM/DDR RAM and 7200rpm HDD is recommended.
    ** If the digital camcorder supports Analog video in to DV recording.


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